My Publications


  • Subramaniam, S., Dhillon, J. S., (2018, September). Assessing the Usability of a Prediabetes Self-care Application: A Multi-Method Approach. In International Graduate Conference on Energy, Engineering & Technology – 2018, Vol 7, No 4.35 (2018): Special Issue 35, International Journal of Engineering and Technology. [Best Paper Award – iGRAD 2018] [LINK]


  • Subramaniam, S., Dhillon, J. S., Ahmad, M. S., Teoh, C., & Leong, J. W. (2017, July). A framework for developing prediabetes self-care application. In Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS), 2017 International Conference on (pp. 1-7). IEEE. [Best Paper Award – ICRIIS 2017][LINK]
  • Subramaniam, S., Dhillon, J. S., Ahmad, M. S., Leong, J. W., & Teoh, C. (2017, April). User Requirements for Prediabetes Self-care Application: A Healthcare Professional Perspective. In International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology (pp. 616-626). Springer, Cham. [Book Chapter] [LINK]